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Product Description

Hello there, I am Shahrukh, from Pune India. I have been working as RTO consultant for last 3 years. And I saw many people failing there learning license test in the RTO due to not having the correct information about the test.

Believe me, Learning License Exam is extremely easy. But not having a proper knowledge about this test will fail definitely cause a failure. and it will waste your time and money as well.

That is why, I created this eBook. In this eBook, you will get all your questions and doubt solved in a easy manner.

This eBook contains four section. Each section is filled with only knowledge about how to pass the learning license online test.

Your will get complete knowledge about:

  • Road Safety Signs
  • Traffic Signals
  • Hand Signs
  • Road Markings
  • Permissible Speed Limits
  • Traffic Prohibitions
  • Motor Vehicle Acts
  • ETC

Basically all the information which is necessary to know before appearing to the learning license exam.

I can understand, why someone will spend even a rupee on a thing that he or she is not about.

But I would promise you one thing that if you want to pass your learning license test in first go, you must get a copy of this eBook.

You are going to crack the learning license test.



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